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The Diversity Toolkit is a unique resource designed for managers, leaders, and front-line workers that enables them to successfully build, manage, and thrive in their diverse organizations and work groups. There are two annual subscription versions - '

  • The 'Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit’ for anybody interested in learning and practicing how to thrive in an increasingly diverse workforce and;
  • 'The Diversity Manager's Toolkit’ specifically for managers and leaders who are leveraging the benefits that diversity brings to the workforce. 

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Click Here for a personalized evaluation by Lew Bayer or call Toll Free: 1-877-810-0278.  The Diversity Toolkit pricing varies and depends on the amount of people that will be utilizing the toolkit.  Call Today for your company quote.

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*COCC is the Canadian distributor for Cook Ross who developed and owns the Diversity Toolkit. 
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