The Center for Organizational Cultural Competence

Lew Bayer is the Executive Director of the Center for Organizational Competence. She is a trained Cultural Competence Assessor and Canadian Culture & Communications facilitator who is nationally recognized as Canada's leading expert on civility at work. 

Lew was the co-founder of The Civility Group Inc. in 1999 and is the Executive Director of Civility Experts, she has been training and speaking professionally for 10 years. Lew is also a 6-time published author and a national columnist. A graduate of McGill University, who is also a seasoned faculty member of The Canadian Management Center, Lew  is currently working towards her National Accreditation in Diversity and Cultural Competence Studies as well as currently working to fulfill the requirements of the Manitoba Intercultural Training Program, which is sponsored by Manitoba Labor and Immigration. She is a member of the Manitoba Employers Equity Practitioner's Association, and of  the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research.

Lew and her team of experts offer training, presentations, and educational tools related to managing change, addressing diversitybuilding organizational cultural competence, and leveraging differences at work. Fostering inclusiveness is good business for Canadians in every occupational sector. 

The team at the COCC includes experts in organizational issues, intercultural competence trainers, English as additional language instructors, cultural perspective advisors, and experienced competency and transferable skills analysts.
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